About Us

 All of the content at Stream Demon has been supplied by photographer/outdoor enthusiast Chase Bohning. Chase has been obsessed with fish, water and wildlife for as long as he can remember. He grew up beside creeks and ponds, living a life of discovery and spending time marveling at all of nature's cycles. At a young age, fishing became the main focus of his life. For his father and grandfather also held similar obsessions, they helped cultivate a deep seeded lust in which he began a lifelong journey of angling and eventually finding the photography side of it all. Chase was given an old '50's Ricoh SLR by his grandfather, this camera sat and collected dust for a long time until he decided that he wanted to learn how to operate it. From then on, there has been a lot of learning curves passed through and still continuing to ascend. The idea for a compilation frame of trout spots is not new by any means. Chase started gifting them and selling them locally back in 2008, but it has taken until now to find the clarity and drop the procrastination. Technology has also made certain aspects of getting the spots to the customer a lot easier and more viable. We here at Stream Demon continue to look forward to new perspectives and interpretations shown to us by Chase's work. There are endless samples to be captured, a lifetime of discovery that will never cease. The vision is now complete and ready to be shared with the world, Chase hopes that you can look at the prints and see the same beauty of life that he sees, in which nature has included us all into. Follow along with the journey on Instagram @jackfishboots